Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A vegan tour of the Pacific Rim with Kūlia

I have a private cooking class this weekend... want to know what we are making?
It is a vegan and wheat-free meal (almost all wheat free). I have to make adjustment for a lady in the class.
Here it is: 

"Vegan Tour of the Pacific Rim with Kūlia" cooking class

Chinese & Vietnamese inspired classic Spring roll 
- Fried classic Chinese spring roll with celery, carrot and 5-spice pressed tofu filing. We will be using both traditional Chinese wrapping and a wheat-free Vietnamese rice wrapping.
Served with sweet sour sauce and you will find out my favorite way to eat Spring roll... (how it is usually served in Hong Kong)

Laotian style Laap salad
- Vegan version of Laotian "meat" salad, using soy crumbles,seasoned with blue ginger, lemongrass and lime juice Tossed with Thai basil, mint, kaffir lime leaves, cilantro. Served over shredded lettuce. Top with Fried onion for crunch.

Singaporean sweet sour Tofu,

- My mother's "secret" sweet sour sauce with stir-fried sweet peppers and tomatoes over fried tofu.
Japanese inspired roasted butternut squash with miso
- Counter balance the sweet sour with some saltiness from a simple miso glazed squash roasted in the oven.
Served with Hawaiian Hapa rice 
- simple mix of 1/2 brown and 1/2 white rice commonly served in Hawaii.

Dessert by request:
Kulia's Island inspired coconut Kheer with mango and dash of lava salt (a tribute to Tutu Pele)
- Jasmin rice pudding cooked with coconut milk, served with mango and a dash of volcanic black lava salt.

And... no meal is complete without Ka'u coffee and Mamaki ginger tea from Hilo Coffee Mill.

The menu is designed to use locally available seasonal produce. The recipes are modified to fit our life style in Minneapolis.  


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