Food Gallery

One Grilled meal:huli huli coho salmon with vegetable and garlic bread 
Matzo ball soup
Grilled Asparagus & Okinawan sweet potatoes

Winter melon soup with shitake mushroom and dried scallops

Grilled romaine with parmasan croutons
Pistacho chocolate ganache tart with shortbread crust
Peaches upside down cake

Laotian street salad

Quickie cheese egg scramble with fried bologna
Classic Hawaiian fried saimin with Spam
Spam Musubi

Oyster stew

Southeast Asian Shrimp and lobster salad
Orange cranberry cake with pear and almond filling

Kheer with rose water and rose petals 
Raspberry chocolate eggnog bread pudding

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Boys enjoy a few chocolate desserts
Hawaiian Happy Cake
Chocolate macadamia pie

Braised shitake mushroom with baby bok choy
5 spice salt and pepper prawn

Chinese split pea coconut pudding
Spanish Empanadas
Chinese New year cake in the background

Low-fat maple carrot cup cakes
Taro, sweet potatoes coconut dessert soup
(the green is pandan leaves,  a flavoring for dessert)
Low-fat Chocolate truffle cheesecake  
Turkey jook (rice congee) with shredded lettuce and roasted seaweed,
classic Hawaii after Thanks giving meal

Hawaiian Laulau 
Shoyu Ahi poke and poi
Coconut cup cakes
Andy loves Banana pudding

Indonesian Satay inspired meatballs and acar
Shrimp and grit with spinach

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