Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Wet Lemon Peel" Simple Preserved Lemon

This is a very simple recipe for preserved lemon that I adapted from a Greek recipe. The classic Hawaiian/Chinese method is a bit more work and with our winter here, I need to make it simple with no sunshine! Here is the original recipe for  Hawaiian Wet Lemon Peel.
I am using Meyer lemon, I love the flavor and this is closest to the classic Asian lemon we have in Hawai'i.
You can use the lemon everyday cooking, with chicken or fish. I don't make this often, it's very simple, I should have some on hand. It's a great ingredient! It's great with soar throat, just put a couple slices in hot water, let it steep, enjoy the lemony salty drink

Preserved Lemon & Kumquat
2-3 Meyer Lemon
5-6 Kumquat
1 lb Hawaiian course sea salt
In a large bowl pour boiling water over the lemon and kumquat. the purpose is to remove the "oil" from the skin.
 Let the fruit sit for 5 mins.
 Drain and add 1/2 cup of salt
 Rub/massage (Lomi lomi) the fruit with the salt
 Pack the fruit in a sterilized wide mouth jar, by alternating the salt and the fruit
 Place a piece of waxed paper between the cover and the jar. This will prevent the metal cover from rusting.
Rotate the jar every few days. You can lay it on the side and roll it.
Let it sit for 5 weeks. The salt will start to melt.

Post note:
I forgot to mention, you may have leftover salt once you used you lemon. I do keep the leftover salt in a airtight plastic container.  Mr Wonderful loves using the salt in his Margarita, and I use in my cooking, especially with seafood or chicken. Store the salt in the fridge.

I usually start over with new jar and salt whenever I make a new batch!


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  1. Grew up with a meyer's lemon tree in the yard in Kailua and used to pass a kumquat tree on the way home from school to the Y - swiped some for snacks. Recently had a sweet version of the kumquat, very ono!