Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mahalo for coming to the class!!!

We had a great time cooking together. I was too busy cooking and didn't get to take some picture. Here is a couple from one of the group.
Finishing up our Miso glazer butternut squash and Sweet Sour tofu
Making Spring rolls.

One of the ladies was trying to write down the brand of the products I used. I thought I would just post if for everyone:
Product list for our Pacific Rim tour today:

From United Noodles Asian Supermarket
In the Japanese section: 
Yamabuk brand miso
Kadoya Sesame Oil
Morita Honjo-Mirin (seasoned sweet wine)
Marukan Brew Organic rice vinegar
San-J Gluten Free Soy (since we are making our meal wheat free)
From the Southeast Asian section:
Combim Thai Galangal powder
Cock Brand Fried Onion
Chin Jun Food cooked (toasted) black sesame
Trang brand lungkow vermicelli
Banh Trang Spring roll wrapper.
Indonesian Palm sugar (gula jawa).
From Hawaii:
My favorite shoyu - Aloha shoyu
In the frozen food cooler:
Masagana Frozen coconut milk
Wen Chuan Spring roll Shells.
Grated frozen lemongrass
Fresh Chinese celery, Thai basil and cilantro

Fried tofu cubes
Pressed (dry) 5-spiced tofu
From Hilo Coffee Mill and a big thank you for the coupons.
Ka'u coffee, Italian roast
Mamaki Tea.

Availabe at
Palm Island Premium black lava salt.

From Tangletown Gardens CSA
Mix Lettuce
Heirloom tomatoes
Our wonderful green onion

As with the ginger grater, here is a source... Hmmm I don't think I paid that much 
Ginger Grater

Mahalo nui for joining me in class today


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