Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thankful for corn and vegetable

What would you do when you have a crazy day at work? For me, it would be to do some cooking when I get home to "chill out". I work long hour. I get home late, I need something to get my mind off work. TV these days is just too depressing. I think the news and the politicians make me more stressed!!

Cooking is what I turn to. Cooking to me is like painting to a painter. It's my form of creative expression and my way to be lost in the creative process for a little while. I was so thankful I had some wonderful vegetable and summer corn in the fridge when I got home tonight. I needed to do some cooking.

If you see my blog yesterday, You know I planned to make some chowder to go with the zucchini bread, here it is:

Summer Vegetarian Corn Chowder

This is my summer chowder, lighter than the usual chowder. There is no cream in this. I took some raw corn and pureed it in a food processor, then added to the soup to give it the creamy texture. I also added some shredded zucchini that leftover from the bread recipe, it acted as a thickener once it was cooked down.

Since I didn't measure, I am not posting the recipe tonight. If you are interested in it. leave me a message. I will make it again and post the details.


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