Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kūlia for Hire

I used to teach cooking at Southwest community school. It was an interesting story. I followed my then husband here from New York, I didn't know anyone and it was in the middle of winter. A copy of the Community school catalogue came into the mail one day and on the back of it, there was a statement "Please contact our Community Coordinator if you are interested in teaching". Well... I did. When I moved to the Twin Cities, most people didn't know what really Chinese food was. Chow mein to me was stir fried noodle, soft and delicious, not something short hard sticks from a can?? Served with some white pasty mystery sauce? I decided I was going to share that part of my culture with the community. At the end of day, I was a daughter of a pretty famous chef in Singapore. I could do this and made mother proud!

I had the idea how to show them I was a good cook and teacher. One couldn't taste a resume or plain talk if they couldn't taste my cooking, so made a basket full of small Chinese dishes and went to the interview. Tom Neiman, the Community Coordinator was shocked!  I got the job!!! I loved sharing my cooking with the groups. I stopped teaching when my job demanded more overseas travels. I still miss that. Oh... I was featured in Minneapolis Star Tribune Tastemakers by Al Sickerman on May 5th 1991.

A few people asked me to cater or open a restaurant in the past few years. I grew up in the restaurant business. I am not interesting in running one. Cooking is my passion and I don't want the business side of things to take the enjoyment out of it. 

Then a couple years ago, I got a call from the brother in law of my friend. He is a judge in MN. 2 judges put themselves up to cook a meal for 6 in a silent auction. It was sold for $3000. Neither of the gentlemen knew much about cooking. They thought they were going to grill a few brats and serve some beer. Well with a $3000 price tag, the brats were not going to cut it. 
When I met with them, I wanted to make sure THEY would be doing most of the cooking. I came up with a menu that I knew they would be able to put together. Since it was their meal, we went shopping together. I helped them cooked the meal at one of the Judge's home.

We did a 3 parts appetizer that I made. Salad was young field greens with baked goat cheese filo "purses". It was a fun getting the judge to make "purses".  Entree was a simple"surf and turf"with a cedar plank salmon and grilled whole fillet, served with Parmesan polenta and another side vegetable. Dessert was Molten chocolate cake with a raspberry compote. Each course was paired with wine. It was a wonderful evening. I had fun too.

I thought about teaching or doing more with my cooking and contemplated different options. One of ladies from the yoga community contacted me about getting a cooking class together. I love teaching and sharing my cultures. I am holding a in-home vegan class this month and I hope to do more. I will be cooking with 5 wonderful ladies. It is a full 4-course meal!

I am going to give this a try and open up  to inquiry. I am going to keep this as in-home cooking arrangement since I don't current have access to a commercial kitchen. 

I will cater the menu to your request. I will do all the shopping,  come to your home with all the ingredients, It will be a hand-on class, you and your guests will cook the meal with me. Time for a cooking party for your friends and family.

I am also open to just cook at your home for your friends and families. I am open to suggestions.

Fee varies, depending on the menu. Contact me @ jwkulia@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you!


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