Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brussels Sprout make-over: Asian Brusselsl Sprout and mushroom side dish

Brussel Sprout can be a very imitating vegetable. It should not be that way. If you like cabbage, brussel sprout, if not boiled to death, can be a very delicious side dish. Here is a very simple recipe with some crimini mushroom with a shoyu and sesame sauce that may help you rediscover this very mistaken vegetable

Asian Brussels Sprout and mushroom
About 1/2 lb brussels sprout
1 carton of sliced crimini mushroom
1 shallot sliced
1 tsp chopped garlic
3 tbsp shoyu
1 tbsp sesame oil
Vegetable oil for stir fry
Salt and pepper

Clean the brussels sprout, remove the outer layer and trim the stem
Roughly slice
Separate the leaves
In a small bowl, combine shoyu and sesame oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
In a medium pan, heat a couple tbsp oil till hot. Saute garlic and shallot till frangrant
Add the the greens, saute till soften
Mix in mushroom and cook for a few min till the vegetable is tender.
Drizzle the sauce over the vegetable. Stir fry for a couple of min.
Ready to serve!

Great as a side dish


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