Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas rush... time to make some cookies

After a month of unemployment, I am finally working and have been quite busy. I am glad to say that I am enjoying a less stressful position, well at least through the holidays. With the Christmas rush and a bit out of the sync daily life, I didn't get much of a chance to write and post recipes. I hope I will be back with some posting next week.

I am finally getting round to my Christmas baking. Just a few things that I made for cookie exchange, friends and my gang from my old job. If you are interested in getting any of these recipes, email me. Otherwise, I will try to get to this as soon as I can

Popcorn cake for a little boy

Lemon Scottish short bread

Chocolate and Heath Weetabix bars

Make believe to be health cranberry white chocolate chip cookies

Cookies for my old gang

Hawaiian Mango bars

Happy Holidays


  1. Hawaiian Mango Bars?! My mouth is watering!

  2. This is kind of a hapa-haole recipe. I had a tough time getting good ripe mangoes here this year. I am now making this with a couple different fillings and it was almost as good, but nothing compare with tree ripe mangoes back on the aina