Monday, September 12, 2011

A day that drove me to Vodka... with noodles that is

I had one of those days. I got home at 9pm. I am a little sad tonight since it is also Chinese Harvest moon evening. By tradition, this is a holiday that gathers family together. For me... I spent the night at the office with me and the computer... I saw the big full harvest moon when I was leaving the office. I got a little home sick...

Should I have a drink? Hmmm I don't really drink... I decided to make myself some noodles. I found a couple of "I will be leaving you soon" heirloom tomatoes in the fridge. I was thankful to have some Swiss chard and thyme in my Week 11 CSA.  I made a pasta sauce with Swiss chard, tomatoes with a splash of cream (OK, I only had half and half) and vodka. I also threw in some basil from the garden, thyme and garlic. Top with Parmesan cheese of course! I only had grated cheese in the fridge, guess I would make to do.

I love noodles. There is nothing more comforting to me with noodles than having a adult beverage.  I would refuse to have rice at dinner when I was growing up, but I would always have noodle. I like all kind of noodles. My favorite was the thin egg noodles that we made in the restaurant. My family retired from the business over 15 years ago. Our noodles chef was no longer amongst us. I can still remember the texture and taste... yum...

I didn't get a chance to measure and I am using what was available in the fridge. I will post a proper recipe soon. If you like to cook, most like you will easy figure this out.

Swiss Chard and Heirloom tomatoes Angel hair pasta with Vodka cream sauce.


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