Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Scape

I didn't realize I have not posted any recipe for a month!!! Yes I am still here. June has been a busy month, apart from being busy at work, there were a couple of weddings and shower.  My sister, Kawailani was back in MN with her hubby for her step-daughter's wedding.  She "hired" me to photography the wedding... it was my first time shooting "human" vs stuffed animals. The bride was happy with the shots. Whew... I can breathe now.We also had a Halau BBQ at the house after the wedding. We had a lot of fun visiting. I miss my sis so much, I wish we live closer to each other...

Now, you know the reason for my MIA... back to a little cooking challenge

I picked up the 1st CSA box for the season, There were scape in this box. A friend of mine asked me for some ideas what to do with them… so I am going to make this a “Scape”day!!
Most of the greens and potatoes I used this week is from The Tangletown CSA share. 

Scape is a relatively new “vegetable in the scene. It is actually the blossom and the stem of garlic. They are usually cut before the flower blooms to keep the stem tender.
I love the mild garlic flavor and the crunchy texture of the stem. 

It's 4th of July long weekend. I am staying home while Mr Wonderful is off at the lake with his grandson. I need some "down" time. The recipes here, can easily be doubled or triple if needed.

All American Breakfast for 1
Egg Scramble with Scape, potatoes and green. Top with blue cheese
1 egg beaten egg
1 scape, chopped
1 cooked Yukon potato, cubed.
1 Tbsp blue cheese crumble.
A few tender leaves such as spinach or arugula. (I am using arugula today), cut or tear into small pieces.

In a small fry pan (preferable non-stick), heat 1 tbsp olive oil. Sauté the chopped scape for 1-2 mins till they are bright green

Add potato, lightly fried till light brown, season with salt and pepper

Add egg, fold in lightly. Fold arugula in with the egg mixture.

Cook a min or so till the egg is set.
Top with blue cheese. Turn heat to low, heat till chest starts to melt
Transfer to a plate and serve immediately.

Mexican inspired Lunch for 1
Nacho with scape fusion salsa

1 scape, chopped
2 small tomato, chopped
1 tsp chopped Thai Basil
1 tsp chopped summery savory or cilantro
1 tsp chopped mint
Juice of ½ lime
1/8 tsp smoked paprika (optional)
¼ tsp grounded cumin
Salt and pepper to taste

I use whatever herb available in my garden. I am using 2 of my favorites here: Thai basil and mint. Since I am out of cilantro, I am using summer savory instead.

The scape gives this salad its garlicky favor.

Simply blend everything together and let it sit for about 10 min.
Store in a glass jar in the fridge. Must used within 2 days. (make about a cup)

Nacho building:
2 ozs (or ¼ cup) of grated cheddar jack, or any cheese of your choice
1 Tostada
¼ cup shredded dandelion leaves (or other greens of choice)
2 tbsp scape salsa

Break up the tostada on a oven/microwave proof plate

Sprinkle ½ of the cheese on the shell, follow by 1 tbsp of Salsa.

Top with ¾ of the shredded leaves.

Follow by the reminding cheese.

Broil or microwave for 1 min till the cheese melts.
Garnish with the reminding leaves and salsa.

Fusion Asian Dinner
This may sound odd. I grew up with fish cakes being a staple in the household. My favorite is the Thai version. A few years ago, I discovered Morning star Thai burger.

The texture and the taste reminded me of the fishcakes my Thai auntie used to make. I started using a product in other ways. This is a very simple preparation. Just remember: you don’t need salt in this recipe. The sea-beans are salty.

Thai mock “fish-cake” with scape and sea-beans

2 Morning star Thai burger, defrosted and cut into wide strips. You can easily use Shrimp of fish instead of the burger strips.
½ cup of sea beans
3 scape – cut into 1” bite size pieces
2 tbsp low salt shoyu
1 tbsp Asian sesame oil

Soak the sea beans for ½ hour in cold water, please make sure you change water a couple to time. We need to draw some of the salt out of them. Drain and roughly chopped the beans up into bite size

In a small bowl combine shoyu with sesame oil

In a small fry pan, heat 2 tablespoon of olive oil over med high heat. Saute scape till bright green.

Add burger strips. Cook for 2  min or so, stir constantly to make sure the strips are not sticking.

Add sea-bean. Toss and let cook for an additional min.

While the pan is very hot, pour in shoyu mix. Toss immediately and remove from heat.

Plate and serve while hot! Serve 2! (I will have leftover tomorrow :) )



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